Fulvic Acid Fertilizer

Feature's & Advantages

  • Improve soil structure, decrease soil moisture consuming and balance ph value of soil
  • Improve the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizer
  • Increase water holding capability by shrinking the stoma and provide drought protection
  • Strengthen root system and improve seed germination
  • Good supplement of calcium and sulfur to the foliar of plants
  • Improve the form of enzyme of plants and quality of plants
  • Convert and chelate trace elements and improve nutrients uptake by plants
  • Stimulate growth and increase yield
  • Increase anti-disease capability of plants
  • Provide overall nutrient and physiologic adjustment to plants and obtain healthy growth
  • Prevents soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions as well as other harmful matters. Fertilizer efficiency promoter. Greatly improve the utilization of N & P & K.

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